Who is Passant Shawky? Meet Her On Instagram

Passant Shawky in her early forties of age is one of the top Egyptian actresses. Find her Wikipedia and Instagram updates.

Passant is a well-known and young Egyptian actress. Passant is also a belly dancer and a swimmer, which she enjoys doing in her leisure time.

She studied Business Management at the American University of Cairo. In 2009 Passant moved to Argentine to compete in the TV show named Fear Factor Xtreme.

She began her acting profession in 2011 via the theatrical show named Hakawi El Tahrir with director Sondos Shabayek.

Meet Her On Instagram

The actress uses her Instagram as @hawky passers-by.

She has verified Instagram with about 727K followers. She has posted lots of pictures with her husband, sisters, and her friends.

Shawky Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

Shawky’s boyfriend’s name is Mohamed Farrag.

The duo swiftly became the fan’s favorite celebrity pair since Mohamed Farrag, and Passant Shawky revealed their engagement in September 2019.

Moreover, we don’t have information on whether the couple has children or not.

Her Ethnicity & Religion

Passant is believed to be of Sunni Muslim religion.

Talking about her ethnicity, there is no information revealed till now.

Passant Shawky Age

Passant Shawky is 41 years of age.

Her birth date is May 17, 1980.

The actress recently celebrated her birthday with her family and friends. She was born and brought up in Cairo, Egypt.

Passant Shawky Wikipedia Biography

Shawky does not have a Wikipedia biography yet.

There are many other sites like IMDb where she has been featured already.

Passant went to many acting classes with Ahmed Kamal and Marwa Gebril and some workshops in Maggie Flanigan Studio in New York, US.

She got her first debut on the big screen when director Mohamed Fawzy provided her sister’s character in the film Asrar Aa’eleya.