Theresa Kelly Bio, Age, R. Kelly Sister, Alleged Sexual Abuse on her Siblings, R. Kelly, and Carey Kelly

Theresa Kelly Bio – Theresa Kelly R Kelly Sister

Theresa Kelly is the elder sister of renown American singer-songwriter, R. Kelly. She is believed to have raped and molested R. Kelly and his younger brother Carey Kelly at their younger age. The younger brother, Carey Kelly made the allegations in an interview with “Unwine with Tasha” on 9th January 2019.

Theresa Kelly Early Life

Theresa was born in 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She is the sister of “R.Kelly” who is a prominent American musician, artist, and previous expert b-ball player.

Theresa Kelly Alleged Sexual Abuse on her Siblings, R. Kelly, and Carey Kelly

In an interview with “Unwine with Tasha” Carey Kelly alleged that their sister, Theresa Kelly, raped and molested them during her teenage years. He said that R. Kelly was first molested at the age of 7, when Theresa was 13, and he ( Carey) was molested at 6 years old when she was 16.

The abuse according to Carey, reportedly began when Theresa would be left to babysit her younger brothers while their mother went for work.

“My mom had to work and go to school,” Carey recalled. “My sister watched us, and my mother trusted her. I was afraid to tell my mother. I didn’t know how everything would change. I knew that my sister was the only one to watch us.”

Carey said his sister would not allow him or his brother R. Kelly. A scheme she used to control them. He said she also punished them and forced them to stay inside with her.

While they were in the home alone, Carey says Theresa would take advantage of the two sexually.

In the interview, while trying to explain what happened , Carey states;  “She opened her robe and didn’t have anything on under the robe, I was only 6, but I knew that it was wrong. She just took my head and put it down in her private part. She told me to lick her private part. Of course, I didn’t know what I was doing at six years old. She was like, ‘Stick your tongue out. Stick your tongue out. Lick it, lick it, lick it hard, lick it fast.’ And then she started giving me oral sex with her mouth. So she turned around and laid me down, and she sat on me. And she took her hand, and she grabbed my private part, and she put it in.”

He further said that he would beg his mother to stay home so that he would not have to endure the abuse from his sister. However, his mother needed to work and go to school to provide for their family.

Carey shared that he had not seen his sister Theresa since their mother’s funeral in 1993. They spoke over the phone years later, and Carey said he told her that he forgave her for the abuse.

Theresa Kelly denied that the incidents of abuse occurred.

R. Kelly is also accused in interviews by several people of having sex with underage girls on the shocking docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly.” During a 2012 interview with Tavis Smiley the platinum-selling singer revealed that a family member molested him, but he never revealed the person.

Theresa Kelly Age

Theresa is 57 years old as of 2019.

Theresa Kelly Mother

She is the daughter of Joanne Kelly.

Theresa Kelly Siblings

She is the elder sister of the renowned singer R. Kelly and  Carey Kelly.

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