Tattle Life: Who Is Cherineandcathydoll? Age And Instagram

Who is Cherineandcathydoll from Tattle Life? She is getting a lot of positive as well as negative comments.

Cherineandcathydoll also goes by the name Cherine Docherty is a Tattle Life user and a TikToker. She has got all those limelight and fame through her TikTok videos which seem really interesting. Personally, we’re also fans of her on TikTok. 

Recently, Cherineandcathydoll is sparking her name through the comments and critics on her Tattle Life thread.

Tattle Life: Who Is Cherineandcathydoll?

Cherineandcathydoll is a Tattle Life user and TikToker. She is actually an up-and-coming social media star. 

If you don’t know what is actually Tattle Life, it is a commentary website on public business media accounts. It allows the user to comment and critiques that choose to monetize their personal life as a business.

Cherineandcathydoll is an eminent TikToker who has already hoarded huge fan followings online. She racks thousands of views on her every TikTok video. 

Cherineandcathydoll Age: How Old Is She?

Cherineandcathydoll age seems to be around the late 30s.

Actually, she has not revealed any of her details regarding her exact date of birth. Observing her videos and photos on the internet, we came up to the conclusion that she is of that age.

Cherineandcathydoll hails from Glasgow City, Scotland. Therefore, she is Scottish by nationality.

Cherineandcathydoll Real Name Unveiled

Cherineandcathydoll real name is Cherine Docherty.

As per her Instagram, we have found her real name. Cherineandcathydoll has already made face reveal through her videos and photos.

However, many of us know her by username ‘Cherineandcathydoll’. Only a few of us know the Scottish content creator by her birth name.

Cherineandcathydoll On Instagram

Cherineandcathydoll is available on the Instagram platform.

She is not that popular on Instagram rather on her TikTok.

Despite this fact, we can find limited followed Instagram account. On her Instagram handle, she has over 3.4K followers and 1.2K followings.

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She Is Also A Regular On TikTok

Of Course, Cherineandcathydoll is on TikTok.

The TikTok handle of Cherineandcathydoll is under the username @cherineandcathydoll. Her TikTok has already amassed 163.1K followers and 5.2M likes.

She is quite active on TikTok posting a TikTok video almost daily. Moreover, she posts different category videos of living and loving life.

Cherine Docherty also posted the prank on TikTok which went all over TikTok. There was the moment when Docherty tricked her mum using a ‘smashed screen video’ – and her joke sparked a hilarious reaction.

You all can enjoy her TikTok contents on her account.