Natasha Pavlou

Natasha Pavlou is a newly recognized reality TV star. The gorgeous lady in the picture is a hairdresser by profession but by the public, she is known as the contestant of The Block. It is a reality TV show, where she competes as one of the contestants to win the mystery prize of the year 2020.

NameNatasha Pavlou
Height5 feet 8 inches
ProfessionHair Dresser

10 Facts on Natasha Pavlou

  1. Natasha Pavlou is a stunning and intelligent woman. She considered one of the most probable winners of The Block 2020 by her latest fanbase.
  2. Natasha is competing along with her father as a duo contestant as per the show’s requirements. Her father’s name is Harry, who is a 57-year-old man, and works as a constructor.
  3. You can look up a brief history relating to Natasha and the show on Greek City Times. 
  4. It would not be a just to call her a star just yet. Though she is famous on the show, she is yet to be a mainstream superstar to be featured on Wikipedia.
  5. Is She Married? According, to the public knowledge, Natasha is not a married woman. She is not known to have a boyfriend either.
  6. Birth information regarding our reality star is kept pretty confidential by the show policies. However, her age is known to be around 28 years, from the show.
  7. If you are interested more about her, you can also get detailed information on her from a site named Celebpie.
  8. Even though her father settled in from Cyprus, she was born in Australia and belongs to its nationality as well. She currently lives in Melbourne working her day job as a hairdresser.
  9. Talking about the stature of our gorgeous star, she is 5 feet 8 inches in height according to the show’s database.
  10. Alas, she is not on social media including Instagram and Twitter.