Frank Prevost: Why Was He Charged?

Frank Prevost is the mayor of South Glengarry but he is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. To more about him including his wife read the article thoroughly.

The mayor of South Glengarry has been charged with three counts of child luring. There is a separate investigation involving a sexual assault of an adult victim.

Ontario Provincial Police released the report on the charges against 53-year-old Frank Prevost, the mayor of South Glengarry, Ontario.

Frank Prevost Wife And Family

Frank does not have a wife.

He probably is not married, and details of his family are unexplored yet.

However, Prevost is a Cornwall resident and owns property in South Glengarry.

There is no information on any of the news platforms and social media platforms regarding his wife and family.

After such severe charges and allegations, we can understand the reason behind their privacy.

During the trial, it is necessary to protect and prevent the breach of privacy of the concerned family. We hope to update it soon.

But for now, we have no information regarding Prevost’s Wife or Family.

Is Frank Prevost On Wikipedia?

No, Frank Prevost Cornwall has not been featured on Wikipedia as of yet.

However, after being arrested for child luring and sexual assaults, he has been all over the news and social media platforms.

Being a member of the council has further made this situation much more controversial.

Prevost appeared at a bail hearing in a video while in police custody, but it is still unclear whether he has been bailed out or still in charge.

Why Was He Charged?

Frank Prevost has been charged with three counts of child luring under section 172.1(1)(b).

He was also charged with one count of sexual assault in a separate investigation involving an adult victim.

Prevost got arrested on June 8 following an online undercover investigation.

The OPP operated the investigation involving the Child Sexual Exploitation Unit and SD & G.

Who Is Frank Prevost Cornwall?

Frank Prevost is the South Glengarry Mayor.

He is also the warden for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry.

He became the mayor of South Glengarry in the 2018 election and was acclaimed as warden for the united counties in December 2019.