Enrique Gil Biography, Age, Net Worth, Love Life and Claps Back At Netizen

Enrique Gil Biography

Enrique Gil born (Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V)  is a Filipino actor, dancer, and singer. He has debuted in various films and television shows such as Mula Sa Puso, Budoy, Muling Buksan Ang Puso and She’s the One. He is well known for his role as Alexander “Xander” Grande III in the television series Forevermore from 2014 to 2015, alongside Liza Soberano.

Since then, he has starred in the films Just The Way You Are, Everyday I Love You, Dukot, and the drama television series, Dolce Amore. In 2017, he starred in the romantic comedy film My Ex and Whys and comedy dram film Seven Sundays. In 2018, he leads the cast in the television drama fantasy series Bagani.

Enrique Gil Age

He was born on  March 30, 1992,  in Cebu, Philippines. He is  26 years old as of 2018.

Enrique Gil Height In Feet

He measures 5 feets  10inches (1.78) meters tall.

Enrique Gil Parents|Enrique Gil Mother

He was born to Bambi Gil and Enrique Gil Sr.

Enrique Gil Wife|Enrique Gil And Liza Soberano

He started dating Good Vibes co-star Coleen Garcia from 2010 to 2011.  He and his frequent on-screen partner Liza Soberano publicly confirmed in February 2019, that they have been a couple since October 2014.

Enrique Gil Siblings

He has two siblings Diandra Frances Gil and a boy Enrique Javier Gil.

Enrique Gil Songs

  • Mobe 2016
  • Kung Di Magkatagpo 2016
  • OHA 2013
  • Ikaw Lamang 2013
  • Tunay Na Ligaya 2012
  • Magsayawan/ Rock Baby Rock
  • Miss Miss 2013
  • Gusto Kita 2012
  • Do The Moves
  • Rockin’ Them Jeans 2013
  • Christmas Party 2013
  • Medley: Magsayawan, Rock Baby Rock 2013
  • So Fly 2013
  • Mi hermano y yo 2011
  • Medley: Katawan, Legs 2013
  • La casa de Mickey Mouse 2011

Enrique Gil Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of  202 million.

Enrique Gil And Liza Soberano Movies

  • My Ex and Whys 2017
  • Everyday I Love You 2015
  • She’s the One 2013
  • Alone/Together 2019
  • Must Be… Love 2013
  • Just the Way You Are 2015

Enrique Gil House

Enrique Gil House

Enrique Gil Love Life

Enrique Gil was in a relationship with a  Filipino commercial model and actress Coleen Garcia but the relationship did not last long. They started their relationship from 2010 but it ended in 2011. He then started dating a Filipino-American actress and model Liza Soberano. He had already developed his feeling towards Liza but waited until she turns 18.

In October 2016, Gil is found to be taking a business administration classes in Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities together with his girlfriend Liza Soberano. Parents of them have also given them to be in a relationship.

Enrique Gil Movies





Diego and His Brothers



Till My Heartaches End

Jaco Barredo


Way Back Home

Michael Estacio


The Reunion

Boggs Alvarez

Amorosa: The Revenge


The Strangers



Must Be… Love


She’s The One

David Esguerra


The Trial

Martin Bien


Just The Way You Are

Drake Sison

Everyday I Love You

Ethan Alfaro



Carlo Sandoval


My Ex and Whys

Sergio “Gio” Martinez

Seven Sundays

Dexter “Dex” Bonifacio



Rafael “Raf” Toledo

 Enrique Gil Tv Shows

This information will be updated soon.

Enrique Gil And Kathryn Bernardo

Enrique Gil In Love

Gil Enrique  And Kathryn Bernardo Relationship

He is not in any relationship with Kathryn.

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Enrique Gil And Liza Soberano Latest News

Enrique Gil News

In Focus: 5 Times Enrique Gil Supported Liza Soberano In Achieving Her Fangirl Dreams

What is it like to date a fangirl? Well, just ask Enrique Gil who seems to be a pro at it because of his girlfriend Liza Soberano, self-proclaimed followers of a long list of artists including Justin Bieber and BTS! And we can’t help but adore this Kapamilya actor even more for being extra supportive!

It’s a major foundation of being in a relationship with a fangirl (or with any other girl) to be there for her no matter what. We don’t expect our BFs to scream their lungs out like us in the face of our idols. Just being non-judgemental and encouraging is enough! If you’re in luck, you can turn this sole thing into a shared passion.

What are our boyfriend goals? Here are all the times when Quen became the best boyfie to the ultimate fangirl Hopie!

1. Enrique went to a The Vamps concert with Liza.

Liza first met The Vamps in 2015 when the British boy group appeared as guests on ASAP. A year later, Liza attended their concert in Manila and Enrique came as her company!
2. He attended Dua Lipa’s show together.

In September of last year, Liza brought her on-and-off-screen partner along as she cheered for the “New Rules” hitmaker! They even got to take picture with Dua!
3. He came to sing along with Liza at the Manila leg of Ariana Grande’s world tour

Quen was also there freaking out with Liza when she watched Ari hit the MOA Arena in 2015!

4. He proudly witnessed Liza’s dream to meet Selena Gomez come true.

In 2016, Liza won big in life—getting a hug from her ultimate idol, Selena Gomez, and being able to achieve it with Quen by her side. Imagine your other half ticking the boxes in your bucket list with you?

5. He spent what could have been his break from work in a BTS concert just for Liza.

To top it all off, Quen flew all the way to Hong Kong with Liza to be with her as she witnessed her newfound icons, BTS! In a world full of K-pop-judging guys, Quen is definitely our hero.

Hats off to Enrique Gil who’s nothing but supportive and understanding to Liza! But keep in mind that boys need the same effort from you too, girls! Here’s to living your fangirl dreams with your true beaus!


Liza Soberano Claps Back At Netizen Who Told Her To Go Back To Work

Imagine killing it at work and then going on vacation with your boyfriend, only to be told by a stranger online that you’re losing focus and you should go back to work. This is the comment that made Liza Soberano, who’s taking a break in between the smash hit Alone/Together and the much-awaited Darna remake, snap on Instagram.

Replying to a netizen who said she “badly needed to go back to the gym” and focus on her career, Liza said, “Who are you to tell me when [my] vacation is over? My managers allowed me and so did my bosses. I’ve been working hard for my family since I was 12. I think I deserve the time I get off.” The actress is currently vacationing in Bali, Indonesia with boyfriend Enrique Gil and family members to celebrate his birthday.
When the netizen said she should take the comment as constructive criticism and get ahead of bashing from other fandoms, Liza said, “Maybe you should stan someone else if I don’t meet your beauty standards.”
The netizen didn’t stop there and Liza’s fans and bashers chimed in, too, but she put an end to it with a new post. “[From] now on, I will not stress over things I cannot control.”

Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil Exchange Sweet Messages On Instagram After The ABS-CBN Ball

There’s no doubt that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil ~*dazzled*~ at the recently-concluded ABS-CBN Ball.

On Instagram, Liza shared that it’s her sixth ABS-CBN Ball with Enrique. She said, “This is my sixth ball with you but it still feels like the first time. I’m still so excited (and nervous) to walk down the red carpet by your side.”

Liza continued, “You still make my heart flutter every time you surprise me with a bouquet of flowers before all [the] chaos and I’m still deeply, madly in love with you beautiful brown eyes [whenever] you look at me. I love you! Thank you for being the best partner ever. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Source: Cosmo