Actor Pascal Rollin Suffering From Incurable Cancer: A Look At His Conjointe And Family

Actor Pascal Rollin is recently diagnosed with Stage 4 incurable cancer. Now, learn about his wife (conjointe) and personal life in this article. 

Pascal Rollin is a Quebec actor, who has a career span of over six decades to his credit. 

He is best known for his performance in the 1995 movie The Confessional. he also appeared in projects like Savior and La merciere assassinee

Pascal Rollin Wife (Conjointe) – Is He Married?

Pascal Rollin’s wife and married life details are not available on the internet currently. 

He may have a wife and family. However, the actor has remained tight-lipped about his personal life. So, we aren’t sure if he is single or married to a wife at the moment. 

Pascal Rollin Wikipedia- How Old Is He?

Pascal Rollin’s age is 81 years old as of now.

He was born in the year 1940 as Guy Bilodeau and celebrates his birthday on May 10. 

Rollin was recently seen in the role of Mgr Fabre in the television series, The Countries of High. 

Furthermore, Pascal’s brother, Louis Bilodeau, was a pioneer of Quebec television. He was best known as a host of the Tv program Soiree Canadienne. 

Louis passed away on November 26 in 2006 at the age of 81. 

Likewise, Rollin’s other brother, Jacques Bilodeau, was also an actor, who died on Feb. 8, 1976. He was known for working on projects like Moartea lui Joe Indianul and Sensations. 

Jacques was married two times and has five children. Four of his children are from his first wife, Rejeanne Bergeron, while he has one kid from his second wife, Claudette Bilodeau. 

Further, Mr. Pascal’s parents’ are Oswald Bilodeau and Rose-Alma Vallée. 

What Is Pascal Rollin Net Worth?

As of now, Pascal Rollin’s verified net worth is not yet estimated. 

However, as a renowned actor, he must have amassed a net worth of at least a few million dollars throughout his career. 

Pascal Rollin Diagnosed With Incurable Cancer- Latest Update

Pascall Rollin recently announced he’s suffering from incurable lung cancer. 

Rollin underwent bowel surgery a few months ago. He went through multiple tests and a CT scan for the surgery. Afterward, his doctor told him he had stage 4 incurable lung cancer. 

The Quebec actor learned of his condition six months ago. 

He revealed it was then he realized the full extent of the news and said his hour had struck. 

Nonetheless, the legend is facing his face with all the calmness one could probably muster under such circumstances. 

Rollin said his morning routine is getting harder to perform with each passing day and he will go to a hospice soon. But, he’s made peace with his fate and believes he will be okay.